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Now Introducing TWO easy ways to pay for training - 1 Month and 6 Months (paying monthly) Payments can be made at the Edge Columbia facility or online
6 Months recurring payment ($100/month)
The Edge Sports Performance Center is the premier facility in Columbia, South Carolina for sports performance training. We offer our athletes only the best in results-based exercise programs. The Edge is the place if you want to take your training to the next level. We specialize in custom programs designed to meet your specific needs, no matter the sport, age or level of competition. Our experienced professionals work together to increase your speed, agility, coordination, explosiveness, mental toughness and much more.

Summer 2012

Training Philosophy

The goal of The Edge Sports Performance Center is to improve performance and reduce the opportunity for injury. The variety of methods include core training, resistance training, speed development, sport specific conditioning and dynamic flexibility. Training programs are designed to increase the athletes’ strength, speed, agility, flexibility, and conditioning, explosiveness, all components in the developing a complete athlete.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Edge Sports Performance Center is to assist the athlete in reaching their full potential. We do this by reducing the athlete’s chance of injury through injury prevention training and increasing the athlete’s overall athleticism by using a systematic and scientific approach to maximize each athletes athletic potential. Our commitment is second to none in developing, researching and implementing new ideas and strategies in order to give the athletes we train the EDGE over their opponents and to achieve ultimate performance.


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The Edge is located on the Welcome To The Big Leagues Campus in Columbia, SC.